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Hansson & Söner perform construction contracts primarily for companies, industry and administration. Through our long solid experience and with high competence and resources, we help our customers find the optimal solutions. 

We meet our customers' needs, regardless of whether it concerns minor premises adaptations or major overall commitments. Since we also perform both ground/construction work and concrete work in-house, we offer customers a complete solution that normally only major contractors can. 

In our turnkey contracts, we steer the design towards the best result. We have the knowledge and resources to carry out design in 3D and implement BIM in the projects.

Civil construction works

Hansson & Söner performs land and civil engineering contracts primarily for companies, industry, administration and in our own contracts.

We have in-house resources with a range of small and large construction machines along with machine control/measurement systems. We have the resources to carry out contracts containing foundations, major shafts and work in water. In the business, our customers can benefit from the company's knowledge in 3D and BIM.


Hansson & Söner performs concrete contracts mainly directed towards companies, industry, management and in own contracts. Through our knowledge and qualifications up to performance class 1, even the highest quality requirements are ensured.

We have our own resources in the form of competent professionals as well as machinery and equipment. Surveying and measurement are performed in-house. In the business, our customers can benefit from the company's knowledge in 3D and BIM.


We have extensive experience in performing contracts in connection with the process industry and other sensitive activities.

We have previously performed complete contracts with switchgear, treatment plants, process buildings, quays to mention some. We know that the requirements for safety and quality are extra high in this segment and always do our utmost to ensure a friction-free contract.

Quality, environment, health and safety

Hansson & Söner Entreprenad AB is a complete construction contractor. Our business started in the 1920s and we operate in western Sweden with offices in Tjörn, in Gothenburg and in northern Bohuslän.

We work systematically with our quality, environmental and work environment development in an effort to constantly become
better. As a natural consequence of this, we have been certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 since January 2015.

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